Record a Video

Friends in Harmony online – a response to COVID 19

Record a Video

We decided to ask each guy to prepare a video of them singing “Down Our Way”. We ask that you sing while listing to the training tape for your part. See below for the music and tracks. As you may see, you’ll need two devices. One to listen to the tape and one to record your video. Example: Listen to the track on your phone with earbuds and record on your computer – or vice versa.

Please try to make your videos small in size. When you bring up your camera, there should be a “settings” tab. If you open settings, you should see various sizes and shapes for the video. I’m using a small size and a square frame. This is to keep file sizes small for file transfer. We don’t need large files as the videos of each of us in the final rendering will be small anyway.

The next step is to upload your video to YouTube. See instructions below. Ron Frishmuth will gather the videos and knit all the files together for both audio and video with the objective of making a YouTube video of our chorus singing this song together. We’re starting with this short song, Down Our Way, to get the kinks ironed out on the process. Ron has emailed these instructions to all.

Our next song for video preparation will be “We’ll Meet Again”. The training tapes for this song are on our website Media Download page. Download your part and start to learn this song.

FYI, Please try to prepare your video of “Down Our Way” ASAP  by COB Wednesday, April 22nd so there is time for editing before our next online meeting.

If you have problems or questions about any of this, please contact Ron Frishmuth

Have fun and enjoy getting your pipes back in shape!

Ron Frishmuth

Video upload instructions

Here are the details for how to upload your videos … be sure to wear your yellow shirt!

1. Open browser and go to

2. In the upper right find the icon with your initial (example: D for David) and click

3. Scroll down to choose “switch accounts”

4. Add an account Useri: Password: Harmony2020
Switch to this account, it will say “Ron Fri” with the initial “R”(remember to switch back later.)

Be sure you are on the YouTube page and look for “Your Videos” on the left menu to see what others have posted.

5. On the Your Videos screen, click YOUTUBE STUDIO blue button. Then click the CREATE button in the upper right. Then select the Upload Video choice.

6. Select File and then pick the video that you have recorded. Please label your video files with your name and the part you sang. (It will be knitted together with other part videos to form a whole picture.)

For sharing options choose all of the defaults: Appropriate for Kids and Unlisted

Please try to get your video up by Wednesday evenings.  The knitting process starts on Thursdays with the goal of finishing before the next Zoom gathering on Fridays at 4 PM.

Contact Ron Frishmuth me via email reply or phone at 281-770-3598 if you need help.

We’ll Meet Again




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